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With a very long Paseo, A mobility Scooter is the ideal way to explore all the areas for Torremolinos, from the Town Centre to Playamar or the Older Fishing Village area of the Carihuela to the Area Of montemar on the Border of Benalmadena.


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Torremolinos is the largest of the resorts of the Costa del Sol and probably the most famous, closely followed by Benalmadena, Fuengirola and Malaga. It has received somewhat of a bad reputation, which has led local authorities to improve the cleanliness of the beaches and make an effort to keep the night life under control. During the tourist season, different nationalities come together in Torremolinos for a little "fun in the sun." During the day the 9 km of beach are packed with bodies taking advantage of the summer sun. Temperatures often hover around 30° and 40° C (from 85° to over 100° F). There are plentiful beachfront cafés (called chiringuitos) selling fried fish, snacks and soft drinks, which are as good as the ride back from the main beach to the centre of town - uphill all the way.

When the sun sets, the town is still full of life. Restaurants in Torremolinos provide almost all possible flavours, so you won't feel like you're only trying typical Andalusian food. Bars in Torremolinos are in abundance which claim their heritage from one nationality or another: Irish, British, Dutch and German. Name it and Torremolinos probably has it. If you like fish we stronlgy recommed you to visit La Carihuela, it has the best concentration of fish restaurants in Costa del Sol. Crowded nightclubs pump out the latest music and remain open until dawn, or even later. There's no mistaking: Torremolinos is a place to have fun, so if you're looking for calm and relaxation do it elsewhere!

After the peak of summer's high season, Torremolinos becomes a quiet place. The 'party hearty' atmosphere decreases and travelers come to stay during the calm winters. The beach promenade is packed with Spanish families who go out for lunch and stroll the beach on Sunday. The mixture in Torremolinos of sun, fun and value for your money has caused people to come back year after year.

Definitely worth seeing, Calle San Miguel is a beautiful little street lined with small shops and cafés, and provides a glimpse of what Torremolinos was in past years, a small fishing village. There aren't many museums or national monuments, but young people and families alike can enjoy the Torremolinos water park, AquaPark. There is also a nearby riding school that provides equipment, lessons and training, as well as pony rides in the mountains.

Ah, and don't forget not to leave Torremolinos without visiting Fuengirola,it is only 20 minutes west and it has the longest promenade of Spain, full of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc.

Torremolinos Weather

Torremolinos Weather is excellent. Torremolinos is a town on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Torremolinos is famous for its over 2,800 hours of sunshine each year with an average annual temperature of 19.3 degrees Celsius.

Because Torremolinos Weather is so favourable, Torremolinos has become a popular tourist destination for sun lovers enjoying approximately 325 sunny days each year.

Many people are also choosing to live in Torremolinos due to the excellent all-year round weather conditions.


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